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International Folklore Festival “Baltica 2017”

Date and time: 2017-07-04 - 2017-07-09

Location: Lithuania

On July 4-9 international folklore festival “Baltica 2017” invites you to get acquainted with traditional Indian, Japanese and Korean dances and music.

During the festival you will be able to see:Biren Kalingi and group (India)
Biren Kalindi is a talented artist performing various roles of martial dance “chau”. It is a vigorous traditional martial art dance, popular in the Chotanagpur plateau area of Eastern India.
It features elaborate masks, dazzling costumes, rhythmic drum beatings,  acrobatic movements.  “Chau’s” spirit is based on Indian mythology and epics – momevent mimic demons, gods and various animals, and the rhythm of the dance is inspired by the nature.

The traditional dance group will present the traditional dance “Nihon buyo”, which developed 400 years ago during the Edo period as a part of kabuki theater. Dance group runs in Hanayagi School, one of the biggest schools in Japan.

The group of traditional string instruments id from the Chiba city Ikuta School, which fosters the old instrumental music traditions. The musicians perform with traditional Japanese zithers.

Flute shakuhachi player  Reirin Nishimura (Japan)
The performer was born in 1966 and since his childhood has been playing with the traditional Japanese flute. in 1998 he received recognition and in 2000 received a grand award from the “Renbo-kai” association. The performer will be accompanied with Japanese guitar by Tashiko Okamoto.

JAN CHI MA DANG (South Korea)
The group will demonstrate four different ways of performance: the first one –  “Samul nori” (“samul” – four objects, “nori” – to play), four musicians while sitting on the ground will perform traditional compositions with the old instruments that originated in farming culture and mimic the sounds of nature. another way of playing – “Sul jan-go” show musicians’ mastery through the janngu music. “Jin-do buk nori” performer beats various rhythm for ceremonies or  farming celebrations with the drum hanging from his shoulder. “Pan-gut” is a combination of dances and drums where nature mimicking instruments are used and is accompanied by the dancing musician drumming small silent drum. Finally, you will be able to see traditional Korean dance “Chook won mu”, which used to be incorporated into shamanistic rituals. During the performance the moves follow a curvilinear path and the dancer embodies the music, in the face sadness changes into joy.

The events of the festival takes place all over Lithuania.
All events are free of charge.
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Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU