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Devil of Overseas

Authors: Jauniškis, Bronius
Published on: 1992
Publisher: Viltis

Two memories by two tellers this is what this book is made of. This documentary novel speaks about Lithuanian missionaries who are preparing for their great spiritual mission in China. This novel takes us back to before and after World War II. While reading this book, readers can easily imagine picturesque scenes from Buddhism, Taoism confessors, their religion and lifestyle. This book also exposes a small part of Confucius truths and what confessors this religion contains of. Also, friendship …and first love these are keywords that makes this book throughout more interesting. More

Tokyo cicadas: one journey memories

Authors: Lankauskas, Romualdas
Published on: 1989
Publisher: Vaga

Romualdas Lankauskas in his book ‘Cicadas of Tokyo’ talks about his only trip to Japan after Second World War and impressions that this trip left. In the book he tells about this distinctive and interesting country’s past and future, its customs, scientific achievements and way of life. The author while strongly idealizing and comparing Japan to western world, talks about his impressions of the three week length trip in Japan. During the trip he visited the main islands of Japan. In this book the reader can familiarize himself with the prosperous period of after war Japan. More

Rytai ir Lietuva (The East and Lithuania)

Authors: Neimantas, Romualdas
Published on: 1988
Publisher: Mintis

The author of monograph “East and Lithuania” Romuald Neimantas, talks about India, Japan, China and other Eastern countries, especially about their cultural links with Lithuania. “East and Lithuania. From Neman River to the Ganges” is a book that is perfect not only for those who are interested in the East civilizations. The book is rich in biographies of well known researchers, travel descriptions, pictures, therefore it is able to maintain the attention from the first to the last page.

In the first chapter the author introduces the first travelers from Lithuania who had traveled to the pyramids. They are Mikolajus Radvila Našlaitėlis, Matas Šalčius and the first professional Lithuanian Egyptologist Marija Rudzinskaitė-Arcimavičienė.There are overviews of these travelers as well as their biographies, travel histories and their achievements. More

Life on the Volcano (Gyvenimas ant ugnikalnio)

Authors: Neimantas, Romualdas
Published on: 1984
Publisher: Vaga

The book ,,Gyvenimas ant ugnikalnio“ written by the associated professor Romualdas Neimantas, provides us with an opportunity to travel in time through the Land of the Raising Sun. Throughout this book there are presented various written articles about the ancient and modern life (from the writer‘s point of view) of Japan. The comprehension of modernity might have changed as well as Japan might have changed, while having in mind that it has turned into one of the most modern countries of the World and it has to be mentioned that more than 30 years have passed since the release of this book. However, having a chance to look at this country from different perspectives – is essentially valuable. The stories told by the author are not only impressions from his first journey to Japan but also stories which were collected from local citizens of this country. These stories provide the readers with an opportunity to have even a loser “touch” with a country which often seems so distant and covered in myths. More

Typhoon Wrath

Authors: Laurinčiukas, Albertas
Published on: 1984
Publisher: Vaga

Lithuanian journalist and author Albertas Laurinčiukas has released many travel books which have won several prizes, such as ,, Cooper Sun’’, ,,Black Blood’’ and many more, is coming back with a book “Typhoon wrath” which has also won a prize. In this book the author shares his experiences in Asia, many conversations with many people, full of color traditions, cultures, languages and the distinct rhythm of life.

The Author’s journey began in Tokyo in the international Haneda aerodrome from which, the wind carried him to Mongolia’s steppes near the Buir Nur river. Then, when the wheels of the plane had touched the concrete grounds of Kabul aerodrome, then he had officially landed in Afghanistan. The Pacific Ocean brought him to Vietnam. From there the author travelled to less known countries such as: Kampuchea and Laos which surprised them with their simplicity. He carried on to the colorful Hong Kong, from there on the journey continued to the smell of sampaguita blossoms in the Philippines. In India the author was friendly welcomed by the stone statue of shiva, in Al- Qurnah the Heaven’s garden. All these journeys fill humans with so much experience and the opportunity for the reader to learn about these places.

Despite ,,Typhoon wrath’’ being a travel book as it can look from the first glance. It is filled with a lot of interesting facts, witty comments which draw you in into the depts of Asia.

Albertas Laurinčiukas in the book ‘’Typhoon Wrath’’ acquaints the reader with the daily life of a Western viewpoint with the unknown and odd world. Which inspires us with unique life spices and history from the Eternal Time river in India, to his first journey story.

Beyond the Yellow Sea

Authors: Liubeckis, Mykolas
Published on: 1960
Publisher: Valstybinė politinės ir mokslinės literatūros leidykla

Mykolas Liubeckis – photographer and journalist. Book is old, released in USSR therefore the country which is represented changed a lot.

In the book author depicts experiences received in „The Land of the rising Sun“ – Japan. The period during which author visited Japan was post World War II. He describes daily life of civilian people, political situation, economy. However, religion,traditions,arts and myths are not forgotten.

Book is rich of photographs – mostly made by author himself. They portray not only hard daily life of people but also rays of hope for better future.

Svečiuose pas 40 tautų (Visiting 40 nations)

Authors: Šalčius, Matas
Published on: (Lietuvių) 1936, 1989

In 1929, Šalčius together with other famous Lithuanian traveler Antanas Poška began a great journey through the Balcans, Greece, Egypt, Middle East, India and far East countries.After this travel he published six-volume series Svečiuose pas 40 tautų (Visiting 40 nations), which was awarded the National Press Prize. More

Kaip japonai gyvena dabar (How the Japanese Live Now)

Authors: Kairys, Steponas
Published on: 1906

One of the first three books about Japan published in 1906. Written by  polititian and public figure Steponas Kairys. This book covers topics related to the Japanese agriculture, road system,  economy, industry, education, and religion.

Japonija seniau ir dabar (Japan: Then and Now)

Authors: Kairys, Steponas
Published on: 1906 m.

This is the first book about Japan written by politician and public figure Steponas Kairys. While only 16 pages long book, he describes Japanese nature and history.


Japonų konstitucija (Japanese Constitution)

Authors: Kairys, Steponas
Published on: 1906

One of the first three books about Japan published in 1906. Written by  polititian and public figure Steponas Kairys. In this book author describes the political and social issues before the Japanese constitution was created. The book includes an explanation of what is a constitution and citations of the actual constitution.

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