Asian studies in Lithuania

Exotic Japanese Rhythms

Date and time: 2017-09-10 17:00 - 2017-09-10 18:20

Location: Vilnius University Botanical Gardens (43 Kairėnų St., Vilnius)

On the 10th of September, “Christopher festival 2017” invites you to get acquainted with traditional Japanese music compositions performed by Japanese drumming band DAIGEN-GUMI. Over the time,  the functions of large drums changed. At first drums were used to pass messages about approaching enemies or frighten invaders. As the arts flourished during the peacetime, Japanese drums started being used in Kabuki and No performances.

The event will take place at Vilnius University Botanical Gardens. Concert duration 80 minutes, doors open at 3 P.M. Price of a ticket 10€. For more information visit:

Web link:

Initiators of the project: Japan foundation VDU