Asian studies in Lithuania
1908 - 1979

Educator, linguist, translator, boxer, polyglot. Devoted to philology, knew around 30 languages. R. Mironas was interested in old languages such as Sanskrit, Oriya, Latin, Old Greek languages. He also knew French. India and its languages were one of his passions, he was able to inspire the interest to his students into studying Sanskrit and later Hindi language which he studied independently and managed to gather a small group of students who he taught. He wrote various textbooks and dictionaries, translated fiction stories from Sanskrit, Old Greek and French languages. He has published articles about comparative historical grammar issues on Sanskrit, Lithuanian and Russian languages. He also was very interested in etymology and wrote textbook of etymology, which he never finished. R. Mironas used to work in gymnasiums of Kaunas and Vilkaviškis as a teacher, later in various universities in Lithuania as well as Chernivtsi University in Ukraine. Editor of newspaper called “Tarybinis studentas” and magazine called “Kalbotyra”. In his young age he also was interested in sports, therefore in year 1930 he became a medium-weight boxing champion of Lithuania.

Bakalauras (Classical Philology, Vytautas Magnus University, Graduated in 1993)
Magistras (Orientalistics and Comparative Linguistics, University of Paris - Sorbonne, Institute of Indian civilization, 1933 - 1936)

Biography facts
1944 – 1949: Professor in Kaunas National University
1946 - 1949: Dean of faculty of History and Philology of Kaunas National University
1949 – 1950: Director of teachers institute of Klaipėda
1950 – 1954: Dean of faculty of Lithuanian Language and Literature, Head of Department of Lithuanian language, professor in Vilnius Pedagogical Institute
1952 – 1954: Editor of newspaper “Tarybinis studentas”
1954 - 1955: Head of Department of Latin Language in Chernivtsi University in Ukraine
1958 – 1962: Professor of foreign languages in Vilnius University
1958 – 1979: Editor of magazine “Kalbotyra”
1962 – 1970: Professor of French language in Vilnius University
1978: Honored professor of LSSR (Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic)
1976 – 1979: Head of Department of Classical Philology in Vilnius University

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