Asian studies in Lithuania
1973 - 2015

Agnė Budriūnaitė (1973-2015) – Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy of Vytautas Magnus University. She wrote several monographs and numerous scientific articles. Also, this woman organized several interdisciplinary conferences and initiated some research projects. From 2005 he taught at Vytautas Magnus University, Department of Philosophy and worked the VMU Centre for Asian Studies as senior researcher. A. Budriūnaitė concentrated on research of Eastern (especially Daoism) philosophy, religion philosophy, classic and modern mysticism, religious syncretism, comparative analysis.

Doktorantūra (Philosophy, Vytautas Magnus University, Faculty of Humanities, 2001-2005, (Lietuvių) Daktaro disertacijos tema: „Meilės ir mirties dialektika. Egzistencijos filosofijos ir egzistencijos psichologijos perspektyvos“.)
Magistras (Religious education and Cathecesis, Meryvale Institute, International Catholic College of Theology, (Lietuvių) 1999-2002)
Magistras (Philosophy, Vytautas Magnus University, Faculty of Humanities, 1999-2001, (Lietuvių) Magistro darbo tema: „Žmogaus santykis su meile ir mirtimi: tragizmas ir pilnatvė“)
Bakalauras (Philosophy, Vytautas Magnus University, Philosophy, 2005, (Lietuvių) Bakalauro darbo tema: „Mirties suvokimas teologiniu aspektu“)

Biography facts
2012-2015: Senior researcher of VMU Centre for Asian Studies
2005-2015: Assoc. Professor of VMU Department of Philosophy (Faculty of Humanities)
1999-2001: Lietuvos katechetikos centro leidyklos redaktorė

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