Asian studies in Lithuania

Chief editor of magazine “Acta Orientalia Vilnensia” (since 2000 y.), member of Lithuanian association of religious studies, member of American academy of religions, member of Lithuanian – Indian cultural fellowship.

Since 1996 has been lecturing in Vilnius University, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences.  Courses:

  • Introduction to Religious studies
  • Introduction to Indology
  • Buddhism in Asia
  • Pali language and literature
  • Indian modernism
  • Aspects of the Classical Indian Psychology (in English)
  • Development of Buddhist culture (in English)
  • Reception of India in the West (in English)

Doktorantūra (Indology, Buddhology, Indian languages (Sanskrit, Pali, Bengali, Tibetan), Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture (India), 1994 - 1998, (Lietuvių) Straipsniai:)
Bakalauras (Land management studies, Academy of Agriculture, 1984 - 1988)

2012 y.: University of Sorbonne (France)
September 2008 - March 2009: Brown University, Department of Religious studies (USA)
December 2007 - February 2008: Institute of culture (Calcutta, India)
March - April, 2006: Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture (Japan)
November- December, 2005: Cornell University, Faculty of Asian studies (USA)
2002 y.: (Lietuvių) „Ankstyvosios budistinės bendruomenės veikla pagal pali šaltinius“, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford (Great Britain)

Biography facts
Since 2004.: Director of Vilnius University Centre of Oriental Studies
1992–1994 y.: Administrator of Lithuanian Cultural Foundation
September 28, 1964: Born

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